Banter I Songs and Tunes

A bit of Banter: 6- Donegal Danny

a-muso-imageThere’s no fool like an old fool, they say, so what happens when a bunch of oul’ coots gather together to make music? The next 20 posts may enlighten you as to the question just posed and may also, perhaps, enrage or entertain. Anything’s better than a yawn, I guess. These songs were the result of a few sessions around a table laden with alcoholic beverages of various kinds. Plonked in the centre of the table was a laptop with built-in mic that somehow survived the knocks and spillages that were part and parcel of the sessions. 

Song 6: Donegal Danny– Another tale of the sea here. The singer always laments whenddanny called upon to do it as it is longer that the usual three minutes or so our songs typically occupy. However, the rest of the group likes it so- democracy rules…or is it, rather, an example of the tyrannising of minorities which seems so in vogue in dictatorships, and in recent times, such shining examples of democracy as the USA?


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