Trailer for Postscripts From Quotidia

Trailer for Postscripts From Quotidia

The Letters From Quotidia are Dead: Long Live the Postscripts From Quotidia!

That great online resource, Wiktionary, defines a bad penny thus: A person or thing which is unpleasant, disreputable, or otherwise unwanted, especially one which repeatedly appears at inopportune times.

Not for me to determine but I hope that this definition does not apply to me. And while the Letters From Quotidia are no more- like that parrot in the Monty Python sketch from TV of many years ago- there is a follow-up series of posts on the way. The next six paragraphs will appear in the first post of the new series. And you will recognise the introductory sting:

Welcome to Postscripts From Quotidia Episode 1 a podcast by Quentin Bega for listeners who enjoyed that Irish phenomenon- the crack! in the 200 Letters and Postcards From Quotidia published between 11 January 2021 and 8 May 2022- Quotidia remains that space, that place, where ordinary people lead ordinary lives. But where, from time to time, they encounter the extraordinary.

So, what is a postscript? Well, my trusty internet dictionary tells me that it is 1) an additional remark at the end of a letter, for example, he added a postscript “Leaving tomorrow.” Or, 2) an afterthought; that is, an extra piece of information about an event that is added after it has happened: for example, “as a postscript to this, Paul did finally marry”. …and, of course, we wish them well!

One or both of these definitions will apply to each the Postscripts. As to how many there will be- I don’t know, but probably more than a few. As to how long each will be- I can’t be sure but each one will, no doubt, be of between 15-25 minutes duration- give or take.

But why? I hear some cry. How much time do you have? I reply.

Short answer is what I had to say when I set up my website on WordPress quite a while back: Quentin Bega was born in the middle of the last century, and then stumbled into the present one with something more to say

One of the wonderful things about the writing game, is that you can, should you so choose, re-visit what you have previously produced, whether to amend, to add, to frankly contradict, or just generally blather on. Unlike life which remorselessly follows time’s arrow- with no going back! So, there you have it- the intro to the Postscripts.

I hope to publish the first of these artefacts sometime before the winter solstice here in Australia- and quite a bit sooner if I can find the requisite inspo (for those in tank tops) or afflatus (for those more accustomed to wearing top hats).

PS(!) As a teaser, I am including a demo version of one of the songs which will feature on the first Postscript From Quotidia. Let Them Not Fade Away. It’s just me with an acoustic guitar.


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